'Water Atlas' original painting on paper

'Water Atlas' original painting on paper


'Water Atlas' 

11 x 14" acrylic, oil, ink and pencil on 300gsm Aurora White Cotton Rag


'Water Atlas' is a depiction of a scene in which a purveyor of flight carries down, rather than up, a geodesic globe containing the lessons from its flight thus far in life; inside are verisimilitudes based on both observations of nature as well as what we imagine, mixed with the presciences of what we imagine is yet to come. The painting spans a particularly poignant time in which new modes and lexicons have had to appear in order to deal with how an artist's predilections are at odds with contemporary snap-judgement internet culture and political currents in America. The globe is intended to be dissolved in the waters below in an attempt at pacifying tensions and uplifting the dozens of incorporated participants and observers scattered throughout the piece. Ultimately the painting harkens the idea of art's responsibility to give pause and refuge for the heavy-trodden screen eye and remind us that our journey isn't some form of iconoclast mold but an ever-present opportunity to gather what we see as good and great and share it with those around us, though it may be heavy at times, and full of levity at others. 

Cody Rutty

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