'View from Shark' 24 x 24" Original Oil Painting

'View from Shark' 24 x 24" Original Oil Painting


Original Oil Painting on deep edge museum-grade canvas.

Notes on the painting:

Started in the summer and completed in the dead of winter in the small town of New Meadows Idaho, 'View from Shark' is a detente between where we are  physically and where our minds take us, whether deliberately or not. In solitude, these imaginings play a crucial role in how we traverse any stretch that lies ahead, yet they have limits, contours; an illusory beach when we are holed-up in -20 degree weather doesn't manifest, nor food when we are hungry or love when we are lonely- they are strangely real precursor thoughts, rumblings of what is to become. The span between where we are and what those futures look like resides in this paintinig. It is up to us and our willingness to take vicissitudes as choices of opportunity. To see something from when roles are reversed plays a central theme in this painting and viewing things from a submersion while owning that submersion is where the view from a shark can be both terrifying and enlightening when placed against our vulnerabilities. We are in a sense (maybe a morbid sense), after all, skeletons waiting to be freed, and so fortunate to have these moments in the meantime. The choice to take pause, to find refuge in all the dramatic forms of beauty, cultivated the environment in which 'View from Shark' arose and found completion. 

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