Recent Renders January 23, 2019

Here are some recent renders from 3D models made mostly inside VR with MasterpieceVR for the HTC Vive.

Right now I’m trying to learn how to better present my 3D models. I started a Sketchfab account and an instagram account for Amo3D:

Honestly, rendering is both very natural and very challenging for me. I like to set up the cameras and lights and frame the shot. But I have a difficult time understanding the mechanics behind shaders. I get the different parts such as diffuse, the different maps, the texture source. But I’m not sure how to unwrap and make things look realistic and not have choppy seams when applying algorithmic textures- not yet. But I’m getting better I think. Generally i like to render things as if they were made of white plastic. To me it’s a very pleasing aesthetic but I know that it’s not for everybody, and it doesn’t push me nearly hard enough.

I’m awaiting the Renderman plugin for Blender to work. Currently it’s not supported due to RM’s API not being public yet for the latest release. Renderman is my favorite render engine, probably just because it’s from Pixar and I view Pixar as such a wonderfully magical place of pushing the boundaries of technology. Can’t believe they make it free to use and play around wiht.

But I learned how to use LuxCoreRender for Blender, primarily to achieve effects with caustics. So, some of these are Cycles renders and some are from LuxCore. The node editor for LuxCore is still very new to me, which is causing some frustration coming from Cycles, especially after having gotten used to the Principled BDSF shader in Cycles. Nonetheless, making progress is the goal.

I’m also working a lot inside MasterpieceVR (MPVR) and learning Tvori for Vive. So, soon I’ll be putting up some video work done in combination with MPVR, Tvori for animation, and Blender for the renders. I’m beta testing a couple VR programs and have signed an NDA which is great; but I can’t say anything else. The makers of Gravity Sketch gave me a license to play around with their program, so I’m excited to test drive Gravity Sketch; it looks like a great way to make ships and anything with curved geometry. So far, I’ve had a wonderful time working inside MasterpieceVR and talking with their Chief Marketing Officer along the way. (Huge thanks to the MPVR team!)

That’s it for now. If you have any thoughts or would like to collaborate on something, please use the contact form on the main AMO3D page.

Cody Rutty